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The local Organizing Committee of EMBS 2007 cordially invites you to the 42nd European Marine Biology Symposium to be held at Kiel, Germany from 27 to 31 August 2007. Kiel is a medium sized (ca. 250 000 inhabitants) university- and harbour town at the Western Baltic coast.

IFM-Building, which became the West Shore Campus of IFM-GEOMAR

Being the hometown of the Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR), Kiel is one of the premier sites of German and international marine sciences. The IFM-GEOMAR was recently established through a merger of the geologically oriented GEOMAR and the Institute of Marine Sciences (Institut für Meereskunde; IFM) which had been founded by the eminent marine biologist Adolf Remane almost 70 years ago, who had also been the discoverer of the interstitial meiofauna.
Prof. Dr. Karl August Möbius, Professor of Zoology at Kiel from 1868 to 1888 and pioneer of community ecology.
But marine biology has a much longer tradition and Kiel has been the working place of two of the founding fathers of marine ecology, Karl August Möbius (1825-1908) and Victor Hensen (1835-1924), the former focussing on benthos and the latter on plankton. Both have founded influential schools of tradition. Möbius coined the term "synecology", which today most would call "community ecology". Hensen coined the term "plankton" and established the biogeochemically oriented research tradition in biological oceanography. There is still some degree of separation between both lines of tradition, in spite of the fact that both perspectives describe only different sides of the same medal. Nevertheless, both the Möbius- and the Hensen-perspective share one common feature, the view beyond the individual species, the orientation towards system structure and functioning. As a tribute to their tradition(s) we have chosen the conference topics for the 42nd EMBS as:
Prof. Dr. Victor Hensen, Professor of Physiology at Kiel from 1864-1911 and pioneer of plankton research


See You in August 2007

Heye Rumohr - Ulrich Sommer - Martin Wahl

Symposium Venue

The symposium will be held at the Auditorium Maximum of Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 2
24118 Kiel

Kiel can be reached best via the airport in Hamburg (click here for Plans) and a transfer bus from the airport directly to Kiel, by ICE or smaller trains, , the ferries from Scandinavia or by car using the highways. For further informations please choose tourist information

Symposium Format & Proceedings

The official language is English. Keynote speakers will introduce the topics. Depending on the number of oral presentations, parallel sessions may be arranged. There will be ample room for poster presentations. We can only accept powerpoint presentations.

Formatting guidelines:
- Powerpoint (up to 2003), PDF
- dimensions: 1024x768 (XGA)
- video file formats: MPeg 1, WMV, AVI (please inform us about the codec you used), MOV
- file size up 50MB (exemptions can be made for presentations with embedded movies)

Please do not use self-written programs or presentations, which rely on an Internet-connection.

Posters should be Format A0 - PORTRAIT (width 84.090 cm x height 118.921 cm)

Participants in Inter-Research Symposium #2 are encouraged to submit articles for publication in a special issue of Climate Research (CR). CR is part of the Marine Ecology Progress Series family of journals.
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Organizing Committee
Ulrich Sommer
Martin Wahl
Heye Rumohr
Advisory Board
Aberle-Malzahn, Nicole, Alfred-Wegner-Institute, Marine Station Helgoland

Bischof, Kai, Institute for Polar Ecologie, University Kiel

Browman, Howard, Inter Research, Science Center, Oldendorf / Luhe

Giere, Olav, Division of Ecology, Biocenter Grindel, University Hamburg

Graf, Gerd, Institute for Biosciences, Marine Biology, University Rostock

Harder, Tilman, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University Oldenburg

Karez, Rolf, Department of Environment and Nature in Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel

Piepenburg, Dieter, Institute for Polar Ecology, University Kiel

Reise, Karsten, Alfred-Wegner-Institute, Wadden Sea Station Sylt

Riebesell , Ulf, Institute of Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR, University Kiel

Stibor, Herwig, Institute of Ecology, LMU München

Weinberger, Florian, Institute of Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR, University Kiel

Wiltshire, Karen, Alfred-Wegner-Institute, Marine Station Helgoland

Zimmer, Martin, Institute of Zoology, Dep. Limnology, University Kiel

Scientific Coordinator
Ute Kossak
Congress Secretary Webmaster
Gabriele Barth Tom Puchner

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